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“Áron and the whole ELTINGA team have shown world-class methodological and creative skills in our cooperation. I am proud that with their help we have managed to create a housing and land price index that has served as a basis for public, prudential and countless business analyses, and is the best-known index on Hungary on this topic in the professional arena. It was a pleasure to work with them.”

Mr. László Harmati, Deputy CEO of ERSTE Hungary, founder of FHB Index



“In our international cooperation of 8 countries, Áron is to us what Luca Modric is to Real Madrid or Andrés Iniesta is to Barcelona.”

Mr. János Gáspár, EECFA founder and CEO



“It was a pleasure working with Áron’s team. They are fast, precise, proactive and add inspiring ideas to the project. They tirelessly strive for perfection and it shows in the final result. We are proud of the FHB Family Friendly Neighborhood Index, which would not have been possible without Áron’s super methodology.”

MITO staff involved in the development of the FHB Family Friendly Neighborhood Index



“ELTINGA created an estimation model for the maintenance costs of properties managed by the National Asset Management Corporation. The modelling and the data collection are often required a great deal of creativity and required considerable analytical skills. These were carried out by ELTINGA with speed, accuracy and precision. Áron Horváth and his team worked effectively with the staff of NET Zrt. In the course of their joint work they adapted to the expectations, having a good overview and understanding of the company’s operations, and summarised the results in a report and presentation that was understandable to colleagues without deeper statistical knowledge.”

Ms. Zsófia Ferenczhalmy, Project Manager



“We came into professional contact with Áron Horváth and ELTINGA in connection with the creation of the FHB Housing Price Index. Over the past years ELTINGA has become a truly professional and internationally renowned real estate consultant. It is a pleasure and an honour to work with them. In addition to their high quality analytical work, they have a highly innovative approach to the real estate market, constantly looking for new research topics. They somehow always manage to keep one step ahead of the competition by presenting in a sophisticated way.”

Dr. Gyula Nagy, CEO of Takarék Mortgage Bank



“During our many years of professional cooperation, we have come to know ELTINGA as the most competent research centre for real estate economics in Hungary. They are well-prepared, innovative and great team.”

Mr. Krisztián Karácsony, Managing Director of ECRS Hungary



“Hétfa has worked with ELTINGA on several urban development and impact assessment projects. It was not only their treasure trove of real estate market data and their impressive analytical skills that meant a lot in these projects. Áron Horváth and his team have always focused on the problem we are trying to solve and the real estate market trends that are relevant for the analysis. We got help and answers, not just numbers and maps.”

Dr. Balázs Szepesi, founder of HÉTFA Policy Institute