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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency research

Sustainability is a major concern for us. We are committed to making the residential building stock more energy efficient, so in addition to raising awareness to this problem, we are aim at shaping and supporting strategy-making with our research.

Some of our works in this field include:

  • We measure the effect of the government-sponsored 2012 energy-efficiency pilot project “Faluház”.
  • With help from the Hungarian Institute for Energy Efficiency and the Central Office for Statistics, we connected the national register of residential housing transaction prices with the national energy efficiency grading register.
  • We support the Statistics Office and the National Bank in their work to get a better picture on the residential energy efficiency landscape of Hungary.
  • We develop an energy efficiency taxonomy framework on green mortgage financing for the National Bank of Hungary.
  • We supported the work of LEO Facility Management Association on energy efficiency statistics of non-residential buildings.