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Market analysis

New condo market.

Budapest Housing Market Report

Our Housing Market Report offers bespoke location-specific, data-driven housing market analysis for the domestic real estate market. Our research provides an accurate picture of developments to help optimal planning of projects. The report can significantly reduce the risk of real estate development decisions in an increasingly more volatile economic environment.

We start your report with an analysis of the national and local developments from a macro and micro perspective to give an overview of where the housing market stands at the time when you are preparing to launch your new development project. Next, we detail the main factors affecting supply and demand, such as the income situation of the target group, the demographic potential of the area, and the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the current housing stock. We also highlight the recent regional and local price trends and provide a forecast for the future is presented to illustrate the likely trends in the coming years.

We follow up by giving you a detailed market analysis of area of your choice. We focus on new housing built in the vicinity of the site after 2000, which is a strong market competitor for your new development. We help you to optimize various aspects of your project (housing mix, price differentiation, technical features, possible target groups) and optionally, how your residential development could be converted to other uses  (rental housing, offices, retail).

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Budapest Housing Market Report – New Condo Survey

Starting from 2015, our analytical team has created a unique database of new housing units built in Budapest. Updated regularly, it contained detailed information on 300 projects and the 18,000 apartments in 2022Q3.

The BLR New Housing Survey has quickly become a mainstay for housing market analysis in Hungary. Our survey is used by the Central Bank of Hungary for the relevant chapters of their semi-annual Housing Market Report. We also regularly cooperate with the Hungarian Central Statistical Office in their analyses of the new housing market. We also cooperate with the major real estate agency Duna House on their price index Duna House Barometer.

Our satisfied long-term clients include companies with national and international backgrounds such as Metrodom, Biggeorge Property, Living and Cushman & Wakefield. We respond flexibly and quickly to individual requirements.

Building Permit Monitor

In response to recent changes of the regulatory environment we have created Eltinga’s latest service, the Building Permit Monitor. We believe that close monitoring of building permits will be particularly important in the coming years, when new-build homes for sale at 5% and 27% VAT will be on the market at the same time as the first developments in the brownfield appear. By subscribing to the optional monitoring service, our subscribers will be able to access information not only on developments that are currently for sale, but also on projects at the various stages of the planning and construction pipeline.

In preparing the survey, we process the national register of construction permits other building records and District Planning Board documents. Our data helps you to identify which projects are eligible for a reduced VAT rate and to monitor the planning/building status of the projects that your development is competing with on the market.

New housing outside Budapest

As for homes not in Budapest, we semi-annually collect data on larger (10+ units) housing development projects outside the capital from public sources, including developer and agency websites and the Building Regulation Authority’s electronic documentation system on licensing procedures. By request we can also provide more detailed home-level on date in specific locations, such as the suburbs and exurbs of Budapest or the Balaton region.