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Library and Pál Baross’ Collection

The following books are on the shelves of ELTINGA. If any of them arouse your curiosity or you just want to browse, please contact us.

In addition to managing the ELTINGA collection, it is our honour to make the Pál Baross Collection available to the public.



Pál Baross became a leading figure in the Hungarian real estate profession after the regime change. He studied landscape architecture (Budapest), urban planning (Vancouver) and real estate (London). He worked in the real estate industry around the Globe for 25 years, and between 1995 and 2010 he was the head of the Hungarian real estate development business of ING Real Estate.

Pál has a strong influence on young professionals interested in real estate through his example and direct personality. His developments – the ING headquarters with its bold façade, the Allee, popular as a Buda mall, the CEU campus on Nádor Street, which is also a breakthrough as an environmentally conscious public building – are innovations that have paved the way for the Hungarian industry. His collection of professional literature also shows that his work has always been backed up by up-to-date theory.

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